Régime des Fleurs

Régime des Fleurs, or reign of flowers, was founded in 2014 by the artists and perfumers Alia Raza and Ezra Woods. What began, and was planned as, an art project quickly developed into a full-fledged brand due to the high demand for exclusive and handmade fragrances.

The brand is influenced above all by the common passion of the two artists for nature, history and art. Régime des Fleurs has quickly become a recognized and influential brand in the world of niche perfumes. Known for their artistic, thoughtful and creative relationship to fragrances.


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Senteurs D‘Orient

The story of Senteurs D’Orient begins with Hana, who began her journey in Tokyo and found her way via Beirut to Lebanon. Inspired by the bathing rituals in Asia and the Far East, she wanted to create handcrafted soaps that capture the most precious flowers, blossoms and essences of the Orient for a unique bathing experience.

A company formed by women for women – Senteurs D’Orient is driven by a female entrepreneurial spirit and is committed to maintaining the employment of women at the heart of their brand.

A mother-daughter duo with a shared passion for bathing rituals and creative aspirations, Sarah has joined Hana’s mission and started a modern era to share unparalleled luxury and enjoyment while bathing.


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