Senteurs D‘Orient


The story of Senteurs d’Orient begins with Hana, whose journey took her from Tokyo to the Lebanese capital Beirut. 

Inspired by the traditional bathing rituals of the Far and Middle East, she created handcrafted soaps, which capture the soul of the Orient with the most valuable flowers and ingredients, creating a sensory, intoxicating and pampering care experience.




The shared passion for beauty, well-being and luxurious bathing rituals has inspired Hana’s daughter, Sarah, to join her mother’s mission. In addition to her calling to make unique luxury and enjoyment available to others away from the East, the inspiring mother-daughter duo is also committed to empowering women in their country. Senteurs d’Orient is therefore one of the few companies in Lebanon that employs only female staff and thus gives women the opportunity to practice a profession that will help them become more independent and live a life of self-determination.




Each soap is lovingly handcrafted and packaged on site. During production, Senteurs d’Orient succeeds in combining a fusion of traditional methods, such as the ten-day air-drying of the soaps with innovative processing techniques and the best ingredients. It uses precious essential oils, moisturizing olive oil, vitamin E and Shea butter. This composition and the unique fineness of the soaps makes them special. Your skin will be pampered, gently cleansed and moisturized. The refined fragrances combine the best of the world of perfumes to create a pampering experience and an unparalleled feeling of well-being.




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