Régime des Fleurs


The long-time friends and colleagues, Alia Raza and Ezra Woods, especially shared the love of flowers and the intense interest in perfume, which finally led them to experiment with exquisite natural floral extracts for personal use. Here they discovered common preferences with regards to fragrances. The creation of Régime des Fleurs took shape out of this creative exchange. The Atelier Régime des Fleurs opened in January 2018, also offering contemporary art events and exhibitions in support of a creative and cultural exchange.

Regime des Fleurs has evolved into a wonderfully bold, artistic collection of handcrafted perfumes and candles. The concept of the fragrance lines is based on the fusion of nature and art – from the perspective of the vibrant art scene in Los Angeles. With unusual and extraordinary raw materials, the perfumes and candles of the brand were quickly known as extraordinary, unique artistic pieces in the niche perfume world, which are highly valued for their individuality.




The Artefacts collection consists of four scented candles by Régime des Fleurs. Inspired by the stories, objects and mythologies of history, it represents the essence of past civilizations. Thaleia, Naiad, Return and Swans are the four fragrances of the collection, which together form a fascinating composition. Each soy wax candle is housed in a beautiful jar of white Bisque porcelain reminiscent of sublime and ancient statues protected by a transparent cube, just like in the museum.

Pour Tous, which means „for everyone“, is an exquisite line of different, unisex eaux de parfums. The perfumers of Régimes des Fleurs were inspired by the spectacle of the botanical kingdom. The collection of five unique fragrance essences – Cacti, Falling Trees, Gold Leaves, Willows and Glass Blooms – creates an extraordinary combination of lightness, extravagance, complexity and restraint.